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Rapid Home Solutions Customer Reviews

"Steven really did save me and my kids. He gave us time to regroup and to move forward."
"Steven made me an offer right then and there and it was more than the other two I'd gotten."
"Steven is a super nice guy and I felt really good about doing business with him."
"It was an amazing journey with Steven, it almost brings me to tears."
"From the very beginning of calling and coming out to the property, Steven has been a man of his word."
"The process was very quick. Within a couple of weeks, everything was taken care of."
"Steven is a really honest people person. He cared more about me than the money."
"The home needed more repairs, it was too costly, and I needed it off of my hands."
"The offer was what I wanted. Steven knew that it was a good deal for him and for me."
"I wanted to sell the home as-is, so I called Steven and he answered right away."

What Our Happy Home Sellers Have to say


"Both Theresa and myself were super impressed by how professional and personable all of you are at Rapid Home Solutions."

"We got a card in the mail. You offered you what we thought was a fair price and so we took you up on it. I think you’re very honest people and I’d be happy to recommend you to anybody. You did what you said you would do."
–Kim & Alan O.

"Steven is a life saver, I've worked with him on two occasions- both times he was compassionate, professional and trustworthy. He handles his business in a manner that you think of him first. Whatever your pressing real estate problem is- he will ensure you are whole and that's half the battle. We needed to rent back as part of the deal for my dis abled siblings- and he accommodated us after losing both parents in 10 months. I'm grateful to him and his company."
–Pat C.

"Great people to work with. Always looking to present a win win solution!"
–Jose M.

"I was looking for someone to purchase my house in as is condition, I didn’t want to put my home on the market. So I went online to found an investor, the investor I called was Rapid Home Solutions where I spoke to the owner Steven Williams. What l liked about him, when I first heard his voice he was so friendly. To make a long story short he’s a man of his word. I love doing business with him. So if you want to sell your home, Steve is your guy!! Thanks Rapid Home Solutions .Great customer service also, he got the job done."
–Gloria W.

"Through the years my father was unable to maintain update or maintain the condition of his house. The house became more of a burden emotionally for my father and our family. He wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible so we listed the house online hoping to can find a fast buyer. Our prayers were answered when Rapid Home Solutions contacted our family. The condition of the house was terrible but they were willing to purchase the house as is and our family wouldn’t have to worry about the trash my fathers late wife left behind. We were able to close a deal with Rapid Home Solutions in about 10 days. I imagined trying to sell a property in terrible condition to be long and stressful but Rapid Home Solutions showed me otherwise. My father and our family couldn’t be any happier with how the whole process occurred. I would HIGHLY recommend this business to anybody looking to sell a property as quickly as possible."
–Xavier S.

"I needed to sell my mom's home after she passed. She had lived in the home 45 years and held onto everything she accumulated. After a bit of research, I contacted this company. They came out the next day. We agreed upon a price and move out day. The whole process was easy and convenient and left me with peace of mind."
–Shelia N.

"Steven is a great person to work with. He is willing to sit down and be patient with you, talk to you, and answer all your questions. He makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. I couldn't found a greater person to do business with."
–Tanya M.

"I’m so glad I called Steven, the property I inherited was vacant and a mess. I had no money to fix it up and needed to sell quickly. Steven gave me a fair cash offer on the spot, paid all the costs and closed in two weeks! I saved thousands in fees, didn’t have to fix up the property and actually got a better price than my neighbor did selling with a Realtor."
–Andrea C.

"All employees involved were professional and respectful. My husband and I could not be happier with the sale of our home. Thank you to all of your team."
–Diane T.

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