What Can You Do When You Are Facing Foreclosure in Oakland?

What Can You Do When You Are Facing Foreclosure in Oakland?

What Can You Do When You Are Facing Foreclosure in Oakland?

Life can be flat out expensive. If you are having a hard time making your monthly mortgage payments, then there is help out there. Stop foreclosure before it happens. There’s no need to wait for it to happen. You’ll not only lose your home, but you’ll ruin your chances of being able to buy a more affordable one because your credit is now destroyed. 

Here at Rapid Home Solutions, we will help you get out of these tough times and purchase your home before foreclosure happens. We have helped a lot of people in the same situation get out of their homes and help relieve them from this difficult time. We are cash buyers and we want to help you and purchase your Oakland home with cash, which makes it possible to get you out before you foreclose. 

What Is a Cash Buyer? 

A cash buyer is somebody who purchases your house with cash. The reason why they do this is that the process is so much quicker when you pay with cash. It cuts out the loan process, and the cash buyers don’t fall through because the funds are already available. It will only take seven days from the time you receive the offer and accept it to complete the process.

A cash buyer also will purchase your home as is. This is one of the greatest benefits when selling to Rapid Home Solutions! If your home needs some tender love and care, then you are in luck. We will buy your Oakland home just the way it is; you don’t even need to clean up the place! You will save thousands of dollars when you don’t have to make repairs and renovations that don’t add value to the home. Most of all, you will save TIME. If you are about to foreclose on your home, then you don’t have time. Fixing up a home with repairs and renovations takes time and if you had the time, you wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. So let Rapid Home Solutions help you out with this and buy your home as is. 

Why Can’t I Try to Sell My Home on My Own or through a Realtor?

TIME and MONEY. As stated above, you don’t have the time to wait for the home to sell. It will take months just to finish fixing up the place, and then months to a year to sell it. When you list your home on the market, there is a long process to getting the place sold. A cash buyer will purchase any home in just seven days. Lastly, the cost of the selling process on your own or through a realtor is sky high. Between repairs and renovations and then realtor fees, it gets expensive. Seeing as you are about to foreclose on your home, it may be impossible to find the money to just fix up the place. If you did find the money, by the time you are finished making repairs, you will have already gone into foreclosure

If a cash buyer sounds right for you, then contact Rapid Home Solutions today. We will not leave you hanging and can get you started today. Call us at 925-483-7327 and we can get your Oakland home sold in no time!

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